Test Dots is currently in private beta. You can request an invitation by filling out this survey.

Test Dots Performance montoring for your test suite

Test Dots works with your existing test suite and continuous integration tool to give you the insight you need to make your tests fast and reliable.

Individual tests small

Speed up your build

Identify your slowest tests so you can prioritise which ones to speed up.

Test Dots integrates with MiniTest and RSpec to report on timings at the level of individual tests. You can see these timings for a single build or averaged over many.

Track changes small

Track changes over time

See how long your test suite takes to run over time.

Test Dots stores data previous months so you can compare how long your tests take to run now with the past.

Status small

Investigate failures

Help your team find the most brittle tests and any intermittent failures in your build.

Test Dots lets you drill down to individual tests and see if it has passed or failed or track a single test between many runs of your build.